Muriate of Potash 1.1KG

  • $12.99

Supergreen Migrate of Potash increases the vigor, quality, drought tolerance and winter hardiness of plants, shrubs and roses. Also improves the plumpness of fruits and vegetables.

Broadcast evenly or apply in rows in the spring or fall.  Use as part of a complete fertilizer program.

Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens

Broadcast Planting – flower & rose beds, vegetable gardens: Spread evenly over soil at the rate of 200 g per 10 m² of bed (7 oz / 100 ft²). Rake lightly into soil.

Row Planting: Dig a shallow trench (7.5 cm / 3 in deep) 5 cm (2 in) away from the planting row.  Place fertilizer evenly in the bottom of the trench at the rate of 200 g per 30 m of row (7 oz / 98 ft).  Fill trench with soil.  Water well.