Discover the U-CANN Herb Thrive 5-4-5

  • $29.99

U·CANN™ is the latest product innovation by Gaia Green, which is internationally recognized for its unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality organic fertilizers. Over the last three decades, this Canadian company has pioneered the development of numerous organic production models, including systems specifically for medicinal and recreational. We have combined our best ingredients and technologies, creating the finest organic grow system. U·CANN™ has raised the bar in professional organic production. It is now available for you to grow high grade, in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Step 2 is designed to ensure that your plants Thrive. One week after transplant, add U-Cann™ Herb Thrive™ to give the soil the extra kick necessary to maximize plant performance during this vegetative stage. Simply work Herb Thrive™ into the soil surface, and natural soil processes will draw Herb Thrive™ down into the soil layers, where the roots will absorb its abundant nutrients.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:

  • Total nitrogen (N):  5.00%
  • Water insoluble nitrogen: 2.50%
  • Water soluble nitrogen: 2.50%
  • Available phosphoric acid (P2O5): 4.00%
  • Soluble potash (K2O): 5.00%