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Say Aloe To Our Little Friends!

We know life can get busy, so in the event you are in a rush and need a popular item for your home or office, we have decided to showcase our top selling items from each department here at Harper's Garden Centre! 

Welcome to 2021's BEST OF THE BEST! Last year was very unique, and we noticed some trends listed below that we hope you enjoy. 


air plants 

boston fern 10"

3.5" succulents

polka dot plant

grafted moon cactus

kimberly queen fern

string of hearts


ficus lyrata



zz plant

peperomia watermelon

string of turtles

crispy wave fern


aloe vera

sansevieria laurentii

majesty palm


Assorted 4" cell packs

assorted 4" herb packs


organic vegetable cells

pansy 4 cell packs


annual 12" planters

4" spring bulbs

12" hanging baskets


million  bells


purple fountain grass

organic tomatoes

24" window box


wave petunia

fireworks grass


pop star blue balloon flower 

Japanese spurge

periwinkle bowles

Japanese blood grass "red baron"

creeping thyme

creeping jenny 'goldilocks'

sedum mats

sweet woodruff

periwinkle alba

wooly thyme

emerald blue phlox

lavender essence purple

myrtle bowles

angelina stonecrop

Bellflower rapido white

stonecrop dream dazzle

bellflower rapido blue

Bugleweed black scallop


phlox snowflake


emerald cedar


'green velvet'


'green mountain'

purpleleaf sandcherry



hill's yew

brabandt cedar

dwarf japanese garden juniper

raspberry heritage

rhubarb strawberry red 

Hydrangea annabelle

dwarf burning bush

sweetspire little henry

yucca adams needle

blackberry black satin

climbing hydrangea

Raspberry shortcake

condord barberry

blueberry jelly bean

4" Clay pots

3" plastic pots

4" white clay pot

6" clay pot

luna sphere white clay pot

Large Buddah Head Planter

woman head planter lrg

giraffe planter

cupped hands planter

lrg angle line tripod planter

universe pot

Liea jute bleached basket

sm low bowl planter

sm plume pot

chevrons coral cement vase

hopson metal charcoal planter

lady with flowers

yellow decorative vase

leopard head vase

polkadot vase

garden soil

black mulch

natural cedar mulch

Brown mulch

biofor compost

triple mix


pine bark nuggets

lava rock

river rock

all battery - no gas!

120i Chainsaw

115iL trimmer

315x automower

230iB blower

technical helmet

535i XP chainsaw

115ipt4 pole saw

520ihe3 pole hedge trimmer

435x awd automower

LE 121P lawn mower