Soils & mulches

Bulk soils

Top SOil

Triple mix

Bagged soils


  • Clay-breaker: Lightens clay soils & facilitates root development
  • Provides plants with nutrients essential to their growth


  • Approved for ORGANIC CULTURE
  • Contains seaweed and shrimp which stimulates plant growth
  • Increases water retention of sandy soils

Composted Manure (Sheep & Cow)

  • 100% natural
  • High organic matter content
  • Stimulate biological activity in the soil
  • Also available with just Cow Manure


  • 2X more blooms than most popular container mixes*
  • 30% less watering than most popular container mixes*
  • Contains coconut husk fibre for easy wetting and superior water retention


  • Enriched with compost
  • High level of organic matter
  • Excellent basic product



  • Ready to use
  • Weed free
  • Contributes to rapid plant re-growth

3 in 1 annual & perennial

  • Provides abundant blooms
  • Helps plants establish fast roots after transplant
  • Enriched with compost and Fertilizer therefore no fertilization required for up to 12 weeks.

3 in 1 vegetable garden planting mix 

  • Approved for organic gardening
  • Enriched with compost which favors an abundant harvest

urban garden 

  • Approved for organic culture
  • Reduces watering frequency because of the coconut husk fibre content which retains water
  • Enriched with compost for a natural growth

3 in 1 tree & shrub

  • Provides 2X quicker growth than most popular brand soil mixes*
  • Fast recovery after transplant
  • Enriched with compost and fertilizer for perfect fertilisation up to 12 weeks.

Viva lawn

  • Provides ideal germination conditions - results in 5 days
  • Lawn 2X thicker
  • High water retention capacity and nutritive elements
  • Enriched with compost and quick release natural fertilizer

Acid loving 

  • Intensifies color of azaleas, rhododendrons and blue hydrangeas
  • Rapid plant re-growth thanks to bark and compost
  • Provides a low pH soil to plants

bulk mulch

Natural cedar mulch

black cedar mulch

natual pine mulch

bagged mulch

natural cedar mulch

black cedar mulch

brown cedar mulch

red cedar mulch

hemlock Mulch

bagged pine nuggets

Large nuggets

mini nuggets

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