Ontario Native Trees & Shrubs

Simply put: a native plant is one that has not been introduced by humans.

We populate our Nursery department with a variety of Ontario Native Species. A major benefit of planting Native trees & shrubs is that they are very well suited to our climate and soil types and, once established; require much less water and fertilizer than non-native species. This not only saves you money, it also relieves pressure from our water supply and keeps our landscape free of chemical fertilizers.

Cornus Alternifolia 

'red oiser dogwood'

Amelanchier Canadensis 'canadian serviceberry'

Viburnum Triliobum 'highbush cranberry'

Acer saccharum 

'sugar maple'

gymnocladus dioicus 'kentucky coffee tree'

Pinus strobus 

'eastern white pine'

liriodendron tulipifera 'tulip tree'

cercis canadensis 'eastern redbud'

hamamelis virginiana 

'witch hazel'

parthenocissus quinquefolia 'virginia creeper'

acer rubrum 

'red maple'

acer saccharinum

'silver maple'

pamelanchier alnifolia 'saskatoon serviceberry'

betula alleghaniensis 

'yellow birch'

betula papyrifera 

'white birch'

cornus alternifolia 

'pagoda dogwoo'

ilex verticillata "winterberry' 

juniperus virginiana 'eastern red cedar'

juniperus communis

'common juniper'

juniperus horizontalis 'creeping juniper'

larix laricina


nyssa sylvatica

'black gum'

ostrya virginiana 'ironwood'

asimina triloba


picea glauca

'white spruce'

platanus occidentalis 'sycamore'

populus tremuloides 'trembling aspen'

quercus alba

'white oak'

quercus macrocarpa

'bur oak'

quercus rubra

'red oak'

sambucus canadensis 'elderberry'

thuja occidentalis 'eastern white cedar'

tilia americana 'basswood'

tsuga canadensis 'eastern hemlock'

viburnum lentago 'nannyberry'

taxus canadensis 'canada yew'

ribes triste

'red currant'

aronia melanocarpa 'black chokeberry'

parthenocissus vitacea 'virginia creeper'

cornus racemosa 

'grey dogwood'

cornus sericea

'red osier dogwood'

cephalanthus occidentalis 'buttonbush'