Don’t be fooled by the small size of the electric motor. Our Husqvarna-developed, brushless motors deliver full torque at low revs, and 25% higher efficiency than a standard brush motor. Whether you're using a weed trimmer to cut high, thick and wet grass, or using a chainsaw to do limbing or wood cutting, our battery powered equipment gives you higher and more consistent torque. The Husqvarna Battery Series offers a unique combination of performance and durability, and the best part is they are completely maintenance and emissions free.


As seen in the below diagram, the setup and functionality of the Automower® is pretty straight forward, with a sprinkle of complexity added. The yellow line showcases the perimeter wire, and the red line showcases the guide wire. The perimeter wire provides a boundary for your Automower® to work within. The guide wire provides assistance for it to travel to and from narrow parts of your yard. It also is a direct path back to the charging station, allowing the Automower® to go home to charge whenever it needs to. Whether you have trees, fire pits, pools or hot tubs, we are able to create "islands" around them to avoid any collisions or challenges from the Automower® in that area.