Giving your plants the correct amount and type of nutrients is important for overall health. Our selection of fertilizers ranging from all purpose to organic, will give you the best option for your landscaping needs.

Gaia greEn oRGANIC 

aLL pURPOSE 4-4-4

Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4 is an excellent all-round fertilizer for the landscape and garden. It is designed to meet specific requirements and to improve the general vitality of the soil.

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 Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizer Blends are designed to meet specific requirements, and to improve the general vitality of your soil. Organic gardeners and farmers everywhere are discovering the benefits of using Gaia Green Premium blends for organic gardening. 

power bloom 2-8-4

Gaia Green Power Bloom 2-8-4 is the best fertilizer for flowering and root development. It is excellent for all flowering plants. It is also good for increasing production of tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. 

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