Peperomia Hope 4"

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The Peperomia Hope is a beautiful hybrid cultivar with oval, succulent-like leaves. It is a cross between the Peperomia Deppeana and Peperomia Quadrifolia and was bred to be easy to grow and propagate. Over time, the Peperomia Hope develops trailing soft leaves, making it perfect for a hanging basket or cascading from a shelf. This plant is also pet friendly. 

Peperomia Hope Care

Light: Medium to bright, indirect. They will survive in lower light conditions, but won't look their best. 

Watering: It can withstand some drying out but does best if you don't let it go bone dry. Allow top 1-2 inches of soil to dry out before watering. You can also squeeze an older leaf. If it is firm, do not water it. If it is soft and limp, you can give it water.